Friday, January 18, 2013

4 poems in quick succession


Grief is not grief,
nor hatred hatred.
Love is not love,
joy is not joy,
fear is not fear.


We trembling liquid-filled droplets
held together by surface tension...
we dance,
tumbling downwards
in prayerfull cascading surrender.


The heart of the world is electric light,
pulsing the loving and the fucking
and the sinning and the living and the dying
of all seven billion plus.
Let it touch you.


Beyond sense,
beyond borders of assumptions and sanity
dwell the ogres, the chieftains, the ghouls.

There live the sorcerers, goblins, naiads, faeries, 
nymphs and seraphim, nephilim and dryads, and common shades.

Crowded together in whatever dwindling spaces
of psyche we have which remain free of dollars, lists,
rights, lefts, or wrongs,
our darkest and our lightest sulk
as we slowly petrify into caricatures - 
hardening, day by day,
into a mechanistic people 
in a soulless universe -
all because of the tremendous effort we expend 
posting "NO TRESPASSING" signs at the edges 
of our understanding,
and feverishly dismissing 
our own dreams.

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