Thursday, February 14, 2013

Life Drives Me to Drink

Certain men 
leave their mark
upon the rest of us,
performing heroic feats
while affirming all the while:
"Not me, but this."

Vision, squirming it's way with vitality
into the crevices of our certainty:
the potency of belief.

"See what I do! Now look beyond the doing,
and the do-er."

Any man who utters such words with integrity,
let us turn to him for guidance.
For such a one has learned the secret 
of seeing beyond himself.

I ache in the presence of such men.
I try to stand as close as possible,
along with everyone else.

We all want a taste,
we crave the nearness
of such a soul,
love to spend time 
with a human being
whose incubation has ended,
a man whose life-fire
no longer slumbers in shell
but has burst outwards and,
with seemingly inexhaustible heat,
has the power to warm the world.

How long can we be satisfied 
with the secret fire
burning in the breast of another?

We whet our appetites 
with the accomplishments of such men,
and our wine-tasting is dangerous
for their intoxicating draught is addictive.

Drink too much, too often,
and eventually nothing else
will quench your thirst.
From then on,
the search
for the source of this wine 
will consume you,
driving you deeper and deeper within yourself
until the clarity of your desperation
brings light
to the dusky vineyards inside
and such sweet nectar flows forth
that you,

with seemingly inexhaustible heat,
proceed to warm the world.


  1. Thank you! This peice couldn't come at a more opportune moment as I begin to discover what it is to play music from a place of egoless giving. It's a beautiful poem and once again thank you!

    1. My ears, and all the rest of me, are excited about your ongoing discovery. Often I feel even the best poetry pales in comparison to any music truly emerging from that egoless place. That rich experience of life is so beyond words, and music can transport us to that wordless realm perhaps more effectively (or at least more consistently, in my experience) than poetry. Except for Rumi, of course...

  2. Beautiful Ryan...We are each an important and vital part of humanity awakening to who we truly are. LOVE..Facets of Divine Source, Creator of Love and All that is. Every person on this Divine planet is full of exciting and beautiful aspects of Source, Creator. No one is above or below anyone else. When we come to this realization, and practice being Love in every situation, Divine plan unfolds in the hearts of all humanity. We all must stand heart to heart in Love for Self, ALL humanity and creation everywhere. Drinking from the waters of Love and Life is the sweetest drink we will ever experience. Thank you for discovering the Love you are and sharing your beautiful words that nudges All to discover who we really are. LOVE YOU ALL WAYS..Love is on the move and LOVE WINS. Keep on shining your Love Light Ryan..Peace, Joy, Light and Love to ALL! NOW! :)<3

    1. Thank you Doreen! Thank you for reading and for sharing - grateful to share this world with you.

  3. Thank you for posting that, it was beautiful and so True!

    1. How sweet it is to be heard... thank you. :-)