Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Choose Wisely

We are blessed with two selves
that we may learn to choose between them.

One is no self at all, but a trick -
here and gone in the blink of an eye,
and too full of itself to allow room for anything else.

The other is eternal, spacious, and empty,
with room enough to embrace all of creation.

Let us give thanks for the both!
Our false self serves as a dark backdrop
against which the light of our true self
may be clearly seen.

Every emanation from either of these two is praiseworthy,
for all of it can be seen as a compass
guiding us home.

Feel the magnetic pull of your greater truth,
and move always in that direction.

Let us cultivate discernment,
for the illusion of our small-selves
will give rise to many surface-level joys and pains.
Let us see these for what they are:
empty calories.

Soul-food with no substance,
chock-full of artificial flavors.

Such superficial nourishment does us no good,
and our tongues know the difference.
This is what we were made to do,
and why we are here...
the tastebuds of our light-body,
when properly attuned,
can perfectly distinguish the energetic source
of all of our experiences.

In every real fruit
plucked from the garden of god
there is a wholesome sweetness.
Beneath the bite of even the most sour lemon lies something vital,
some learning present for the sake of our spiritual evolution -
something which will aid us along our journey home.

Learn to taste the difference!
Sense the hidden sweetness of truth
beneath any miseries and joys alike
served up by the eternal,
and sense the flavorless artificiality
beneath the trials and tribulations
of small-self angst.

Let us give thanks
for every meal offered up
by our greater selves,
eat heartily,
and be hungry only
for such divine food.

All the rest of that high-fructose corn syrup crap
is not worthy of us.

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