Thursday, May 30, 2013

that's the way

The scattershot approach may work for some,
and if heart's delight 
be to move
up down left right
by all means:
we're perfectly free.

For those (like me)
who's chest-pumps
would seem
to be filled
with a straight-on
desire to dream,
know this:
wish, trust, be.

Desire arises,
seeks to be met.
Too often projected:
we go grab a net
and run mad through the streets
pursuing our dream -
too well do we know 
the old
'get-rich-quick' scheme.

Give it up!
(In the sense of surrender.)
You'll never be a contender
for the heavyweight championship
of anything but you,
so forget all that shit...

No 'way' tried and true,
no one recipe:
the only way to find what you need
is relax and just be.

"But be what?"
demands ego, so used to control:
"There must be some something,
some ultimate goal!"

Nope! Decrees love,
the only true thing:
you get NOTHING from life,
except what YOU bring.
Whatever you carry 
from the well of your soul,
and share with the world...
right there, THAT'S your gold.

There's your riches, 
your wealth,
your fame 
and your health.
There's the only thing left
when the body seeks death,
the only true test of:
"Did I give it my best?"

Everything else, all the rest?
Drivel. Don't mess with that mess.

The well of your soul 
is your only real goal,
don't you let ANYTHING
else play that role.

I suggest walking, and sitting, 
and play.
I suggest stillness AND movement, 
each day.
I suggest friendship, and romance, and food - 
I suggest hunger, and lonesome solitude.

Try everything, see what works,
and know it will change.
Carve years of your life
just finding a way
to that wellspring inside,
celebrate! Shout "Hooray!"
Then fill up your buckets, turn back, walk away:
go deliver the goods to your family,
and pray:
say thank you to YOU,
for guiding you in -
say "Game on!"
'cuz it probably 
feels like a win.

Then patiently watch
subtle movements of self,
enlarge all your buckets,
care for your health.

Prepare for trek 2,
and know it will come,
guaranteed that indeed
there's much much more fun
to be had in the wilds
of bushland inside,
to be found along bumpy
self-inquiry ride.

Don't seek the same way,
the route will have changed.
Don't attempt to make sense,
that's a whole different game.

What you're playing here now
is some quite new, 
so the next time you're asked
what it is that you do,
you may tell them, in truth:

"I BE what I love,
I've no need to 'do.'
I am what I am,
the end.

...How 'bout you?"


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  2. Ryan is to "that's the way" as Dr. Seuss is to "All the Places You'll Go." :) :) This could be a very popular graduation gift if you were to publish it! MUAH